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Dishes from Italian cuisine you should try in Dubai

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As you may know there are many restaurants serving food from different countries in Dubai. Italian cuisine is also one of them. Italian cuisine is a must-try. You may have tried many Italian dishes but trust me they’re not even close to real. You can try authentic from the best Italian restaurants in Dubai. Some restaurants in Dubai have actually Italian chefs who make the food in authentic way. If you don’t want to try the authentic one you can also find restaurants that serve Italian food with the modern twist.

Must try Italian dishes:

You may have tried pizza before many times. But the authentic Italian pizza is far from you’ve eat in fast food chain. Authentic pizza margherita have a thick crust with minimal topping and stretchy cheese. It also has dominant taste of olive oil. Lasagna is also another famous Italian dish, but the original one have somewhat different preparation and taste. That you can try in an Italian restaurant. When it comes to authentic Italian cuisine gnocchi is always on top. It’s kind of a dumpling made with potatoes and served with creamy sauce.

Italian cuisine is famous for its pastas. Ravioli is also one of them. It’s a box shaped pasta filled with different items like Spanish, meat etc. It normally served with tomato based sauce. Although spaghetti have difficult preparation method from modern one to classic spaghetti carbonara. Authentic spaghetti in simply served with garlic and olive oil. For people who prefer eating healthy panzanella is a dish for them. It’s basically a salad with tomatoes and bread as the main ingredients. In the end try Italian ice e- gelato.


Italian cuisine have a unique yet mouthwatering taste. Pastas are the main highlights of Italian cuisine. You can try them at Italian restaurants in Dubai. Italian food have a cheese, olive oil and tomatoes as the dominant ingredients. And you know nothing can go wrong with cheese.

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